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Brett Benton, Reggie Garrett and Special Guest Kimberley Edwards

An Intimate Evening with Brett Benton, Reggie Garrett, and Special Guest - 8 pm - 10$

“Alabama-born and Southern-raised, Brett Benton has been obsessed with country blues ever since he was a child, listening to his parents’ and grandparents’ records at an early age. By his teens, he was playing behind a drum kit, and by his early 20's was learning his way around slide guitar. In 2016 he left the South to bring his own brand of delta and country style of blues around the country and the world. Currently, in the Pacific Northwest, he has played many local, regional, and national festivals as well as a countless number of venues and most recently he has signed with Seattle’s own Knick Knack Records with his first studio album You Got To Pray released April 2019.”

“Reggie Garrett has been performing throughout the U.S. and Canada for a number of years. Based in Seattle, Washington he performs mostly original songs mixed with pop covers and more traditional style folk ballads. He is the purveyor of a unique urban strain of (mostly) acoustic music incorporating a number of diverse influences, including Folk, Latin rhythms, Blues, Gospel, Celtic, Rock, Jazz and more. The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The sound has strong rhythmic underpinnings, beginning with Garrett’s almost percussive guitar style. The guitar work spans the gamut from Folk/Latin/Blues rhythms to even more personal styles. His singing reflects the folk/ rock/gospel traditions with which he grew up. He has been compared to acoustic legends Richie Havens and Bill Withers by the national folk publication Dirty Linen. As a songwriter, Garrett’s specialty is creating and enhancing a mood.”