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Nine Mile Records and American Standard Time Presents: Carson McHone and Western Female

Carson McHone

Years before Rolling Stone was praising Carson McHone's rule-breaking roots music, the Austin, Texas native played weeknights in local bars like The White Horse, keeping dancers dancing and drinkers drinking. With her 21st birthday still in the distance, McHone entertained late-night crowds bearing witness to the good times and bad decisions that fill a busy bar. It was a rare, raw education. She pumped her music full of details from an early adulthood spent in the company of the heartbroken and high-toleranced.

Western Female:

“Western Females' Melanie Beth Curran is a old timey honky tonk songwriter from Kitsap County, Washington. Her music centers around moments, memories and memorials to the places and people of her Pacific Northwest home. She sounds like Tom Waits taking bubble bath in the fountain at the Kitsap Mall during 1994 while listening to Emmylou Harris backwards with the night jasmine blooming.”