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Amsellen, MIke Simmons and Elias Greendorfer


"Amsellem", which translates from Hebrew as "People of Peace", is the musical project created by Israeli-American Daniel Amsellem. the project started with an acoustic guitar, dynamic microphone and a loop station, and carried on to a full set of instruments with unique arrangements and intimate while powerful songs that come from true feeling.

"In/Out" is Amsellem's debut album. this concept album is formed out of 10 songs that split into 3 parts of a story – betraying trust, hurting, and reconciling.

Mike Simmons:

Alternative Rock singer/songwriter Mike Simmons began writing songs and poems when he was down-and-out looking for viable ways to make money. Writing was the first to catch and Simmons began reading his poems to kids on the street and dancers on the late shift at a strip club where his friends worked when it was slow. This led to meeting a group of musicians one night who recognized his ability to create and urged him to take writing and music more seriously suggesting he try actually saying something people could understand. In the years since, Simmons has developed into an emotive songwriter who has played his music across America in venues ranging from clubs and halls to gas stations and adult video stores.

Elias Greendorfer - Poet Scholar, Writer, Musician and Marvel

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