— FEATURED Delectables —

Drinking Bites

Puffy Taco

Refried beans, white cheddar, avocado,
crema, pico de gallo, salsa verde 
add carnitas or asada 

Korean ‘Deviled’ Eggs

Spicy mayo, furikake, msg fried crispies

Laphet Thoke

Fermented tea leaf salad, chickpea tofu,
papaya, crispy topping 

Shan Tofu

Tried chickpea tofu, coconut lime sauce

Green Onion Pancake

Fermented black bean, kewpie,
bonito flake, or vegan

Frog Legs

Wok fried, crispy garlic, sweet chile sauce 


mexican street corn, cotija, sriracha mayo


Tator tot nachos, queso, pickled jalapenos,
pico, black beans, crema

Banh Xeo

Vietnamese crepe, broken shrimp,
coconut nuoc cham

Banh Xeo Vegan

Vietnamese crepe, shitake mushroom,
black chile sauce

Bobs Chili

Family recipe, crema, white cheddar,scallion
Add carnitas or asada


Tortas & Pinch Buns

Pinch Bun  

Pork belly/tofu banh mi, kewpie mayo,
jalapeno, daikon

Pinch Bun

Tempura avocado, cabbage slaw,
coconut ricotta, arbol salsa

Torta Cubana

Our ham, carnitas, dijonaise, pickles, jalapeno

Torta Mollete

Refried beans, white cheddar, avocado,
veganaise, pico de gallo

Add a side of tots with salsa to any of the above



Roasted poblanos, cotija,
black beans, crema, salsa

Punjabi Goat

Curry, local nettles, papaya,
roasted peanut, rice

Khao Soi

Rice noodles, thai chile curry, pineapple,
cherry tomatoes, fried wontons
Add beef or tofu

Kimchi Fried Rice

Sweet onion, spicy garlic sauce, avocado, aioli
Add an egg , pork or beef skewer

Bean bowl

Refried beans, green rice, cotija, avocado,
hot sauce, pickled jalapeno
Add an egg, carnitas or asada

Prawn Skewers (2)

Ginger lime glaze, furikake rice

Beef Bulgogi Skewers (2)

Spicy garlic sauce, furikake rice

Pork Skewer (2) 

Drunken soy glaze, furikake rice


Ice Cream Sandwich

Molasses macaron, peanut butter parfait,
banana ice cream

Tres Leches Cake

Rum and coconut soaked cake,
guava, cajeta ice cream

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