— FEATURED Delectables —

Famous Puffy Tacos


refried beans, chipotle crema, pico, 
salsa verde, cotija
 add carnitas, chorizo, or portobello

San antonio

shredded seasoned beef, queso, 
iceberg, salsa rojo

Puffy Poke

ahi tuna, sushi rice, wasabi aioli, 
seaweed salad, pickled ginger 

puffy duck

duck carnitas, happy sauce, 
cabbage slaw, scallion

chili cheese puffy

bob's chili, queso, yellow rice
chipotle crema, scallion


Pinch Buns


slow roasted pork, grilled pineapple, 
bacon, bbq sauce, pickled jalapeños

pork belly

braised pork belly, nuoc cham, 
daikon, kewpie mayo


fried tofu cutlet, happy sauce, 
slaw, cilantro


house-made lamb gyro, mixed greens,
cucumber, white sauce, harissa



Ice cream Sandwich

ginger molasses cookie
green tea ice cream



tater tot nachos, queso, pickled jalapeños,
refried beans, salsa rojo, pico de gallo

bob's chili

chipotle crema, scallion, white cheddar


roasted poblanos, salsa verde,
bob's chili, cotija

Albatross Burrito

refried beans, spanish rice, salsa rojo,
pickled jalapeños, queso, crema, pico

Add carnitas, chorizo, or portobello
to any of the classics


Albatross tonkotsu ramen

pork belly, scallion, fried onion, soy egg, nori

vegan miso ramen

fried tofu, smoked shitake, scallion, black garlic

coconut noodle

wok-fried prawns or tofu cutlet
coconut curry, peanut, rice noodle, cilantro

Pork fried rice

pork cutlet, aromatic rice, cabbage,
kewpie mayo, bulldog sauce, scallion


house-made lamb gyro, yellow rice, 
cucumber, mixed greens, white sauce, harissa