— Featured Exotic Libations —

Based on an old poem: 1 of sour 2 of sweet 3 of strong and 4 of weak


The Holy Trinity: lime, sugar, rum. Diluted to satisfy some asshole poet

Ti Punch

The Martinique version of the Trinity (see above), grassy with Rhum Agricole


Classic Trinity elegance (read the first two) but honey-ed and with Angostura
and sparkles

Death’s Hammer Daiquiri

Spiced version of the classic 

Missionary's Downfall

Rum blended with mint, peach brandy and pineapple fruit. Delightful debauchery! 

Port Light

Whiskey gets the exotic massage it always wanted as passionfruit and secret elixirs get inappropriately close to its bikini line



I am the Astronaut

Coconut and ginger with a base-note of molasses & citrus makes you feel like
you’re wearing a fucking visor

Arawak Cup

Flavors of almond, pineapple, Rhum and passionfruit. Shrink your skull and sooth
your boiled bones

Jungle Bird

This bitter blend of Campari, Blackstrap, pineapple, and lime won’t peck out your eyes, one would hope

Puka Punch

Delightful and electrifying exotic fruits and rums served in a pineapple for two


The Soggy Dollar Bar’s blend of all things medicinal: island fruits, coconut and rums. Like a spiritual compress for your chafed bits. Served in a tender young coconut


Planters Punch

Don the Beachcomber’s blend of r(h)ums, fruit and island spices. “Funky, fruity and spicy” says Senior Coconut

Three Dots and a Dash

Don prophesied correctly while creating this blend of rums, warming spices, and citrus during WWII   ...----   Morse code for VICTORY!


Volcano Bowl

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! After you and your friends enjoy Flaming rums and island fruits, serves 4-6. Use your smarts and pair it with Totcho Eruption!!tm  Six Pounds of what you want in your mouth